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Surprise: Sarah Palin's Trump Endorsement Is Sheer Poetry

By Harriet Staff


Jedediah Pudy compressed Sarah Palin's recent Trump-endorsement speech into poems! Read them all at the Huffington Post. Here's "Invictus 2":


Turning safety nets into hammocks, and all these new

Democrat voters that are going to be coming on over the

border as we keep the borders open.

How 'bout the rest of us?

Right wingin', bitter clingin', proud

clingers of our guns, our god, and our religions,

and our Constitution.

Tell us that we're not red enough?

When we're talking about a nation without borders.

We're talking about our very existence, so no,

We're not going to chill. In fact it's time to drill, baby,

drill down, and hold these folks accountable.

Are you ready for new?

And are you ready for the leader

who will let you make America great again?

It's gonna take a whole team.

It's gonna take a whole team. Fighters, all of us,

in the private sector.