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Gauss PDF Announces 200th Release: Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford’s Video Game ‘Diana Hamilton’s Dreams’

By Harriet Staff

The video game, created by poet Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, allows readers/players to wander a nocturnal dreamscape formed out of recordings of the poet Diana Hamilton recollecting her dreams. The spectacular game is available to download here. More via Gauss PDF’s lively press release:

Gauss PDF is pleased to announce the publication of its 200th release: Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford’s Diana Hamilton’s Dreams. Built with Unity, Crawford’s video game immerses users in a nocturnal world populated by recordings of Hamilton recollecting several of her dreams (“I kept swimming over other peoples’ bodies…”; “…they had big dollhouses full of candy and liquor…”). A spectral trail is generated by the user’s path, slicing the dark as they traverse the poet’s oneiric residue.

Other recent releases include Daniel Wilson’s Files I Have Known: Data Reminiscences, an autobiographical survey of notable files that have shaped the author’s life, or which otherwise serve as remnants of the past. Text files and ScreamTracker 3 modules abound.

Mark Francis Johnson’s Then Air series recently concluded with a zip file that contains mp3 versions of all the songs featured across its seven-episode run. Representing decades of deeply obscure cratedigging, many of the tracks therein—including a song by a corner grocery store, a Philadelphia hip hop duo’s absurd sampling of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and a promotional anthem for Phoenix, AZ—are difficult (if not impossible) to find elsewhere. Accompanied by a quite literal take on “liner notes.”

Elsewhere, Joyce S. Lee’s Defying Gravity collates images of men suspended in mid-air from Tinder and reflects on body language tropes vis-à-vis “attraction”; Michael Decussate Capias’ Puro unfurls a moiré pattern of minimalist drum arrangements; and Presidential Correspondence Intern Cammisa Buerhaus compiles Hillary Clinton’s private emails and memos. GPDF Editions continues apace with print-on-demand releases from Chris Funkhouser, Nadia John, and Michael Nardone, among others.

Sweet dreams! Visit Gauss PDF for more information on this publication milestone.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 by Harriet Staff.