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Slate Picks Love Poetry Guaranteed to Help You…

By Harriet Staff


If you haven’t heard, Valentine’s Day approacheth. It seems to happen every year? Weird. Anyway, Slate has picked out some l o v e p o e m s for you lovecats to enjoy when you’re not dotting each other’s mouths with jasmine-infused chocolate-tart dribbles and whispering tear-duct-shaped sweet everythings, or whatever happens when the waitress stops kneeling at the table. They are Guaranteed to Make You Seem Sensitive and Smart, too.

“Here you’ll find a range of contemporary voices writing love poems of all stripes. Many of them are young writers with just one or two books out, so you can see how the next generation of bards tackles this eternal theme,” writes Jay Deshpande.

These voices include!

Nikki Giovanni
Ocean Vuong
Kim Addonizio
Zachary Schomburg
Mary Ruefle
Mark Doty
Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Mark Leidner
Bianca Stone
Rickey Laurentiis
Geffrey Davis

Read more about their poems, their books, their lives at Slate. And be careful out there!

Posted in Poetry News on Friday, February 12th, 2016 by Harriet Staff.