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In New Datableed, Jennifer Cooke Talks About Apocalypse Dreams

By Harriet Staff


Check out the just-up third issue of Datableed, a new(ish) literary magazine out of the UK which counts among its current contributors Verity Spott, Christina Chalmers, CAConrad, Drew Milne, Nat Raha, Allen Fisher, and on and on. One of the standouts is this interview with theorist and poet Jennifer Cooke about her recent book, Apocalypse Dreams (Sad Press, 2015). Andrew Spragg talks to Cooke about eschatological writing, dream transcription, a lineage of apocalyptic writing (including Charlotte Beradt's hard-to-find The Third Reich of Dreams: Nightmares of a Nation 1933-1939), complicating happiness, Keston Sutherland, zombie movies, and more. Great read. Here's a brief excerpt in the shape of a screenshot: