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A Playlist for Poetry’s March 2016 Issue

By Bessie Rose


For our March 2016 playlist, we asked Bessie Rose, the Poetry Foundation’s president’s office assistant, to read through the issue and curate a selection of music for us. You can read about her approach to creating the playlist below. Click here to open the playlist in your Spotify app. 

This selection of songs is based off of my experience reading and interpreting the March 2016 issue, which was largely influenced by visual art and the connection between art and poetry. As I read the issue, I focused on my reaction to particular poems and allowed that to inform my song selection. The second half of the issue features a portfolio from PINTURA : PALABRA, “an initiative that encourages Latino poets to respond to work by Latino artists.” I found that music added another element to the already blurred line between poetry and visual art forms. This challenged me to think about the collection of poems in a new light and experience them from a truly sensorial place that reminded me how music, sound, and visual art are all connected.

You can find past playlists here.

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Posted in From Poetry Magazine on Friday, March 18th, 2016 by Bessie Rose.