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National Poetry Month on Harriet, Brought to You by Dawn Lundy Martin, Daniel Borzutzky, Stephanie Young, & Brandon Shimoda

By Harriet Staff


This year for National Poetry Month we've decided to try something different. Starting on Monday and running through April, the blog will be guest-edited by four past Harriet contributors: Dawn Lundy Martin, Daniel Borzutzky, Stephanie Young, and Brandon Shimoda. The editors have selected five poets who will each write a single post, and one post will be featured per day Monday through Friday with an introduction by the editor. We'll still be bringing you the news in April and we'll still be featuring the monthly posts from Poetry magazine's Editor's Blog. We hope this blog experiment will bring new voices and perspectives to Harriet, while continuing to deliver the daily content readers count on throughout the year.

With that, here are the featured bloggers for April as selected by each editor:

Dawn Lundy Martin

Ken Chen
Tonya Foster
Gala Mukomolova
Divya Victor
Grey Vild

Daniel Borzutzky

Don Mee Choi
Jen Hofer
John Keene
Lucas de Lima
Cecilia Vicuña

Stephanie Young

Joshua Clover
Jennifer Moxley
Eileen Myles
Cecily Nicholson
Timothy Yu

Brandon Shimoda

Dot Devota
Yanara Friedland
Youna Kwak
Caitie Moore
Jackie Wang