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Amherst College Bets on The Frosts, The Poets, The Fighting Poets…and Hamsters

By Harriet Staff


Well, at least you know what our preference is. New England Public Radio reports on Amherst College’s decision, since the ouster of their previous mascot, Lord Jeff, to select a new mascot in keeping with the school’s contemporary identity. School officials have been fielding a number of choices, including Purple & White (school colors), A’s (the first letter of the school’s name), and some inspired by the college’s late, great poetry professor, Robert Frost. More:

The old mascot was based on Lord Jeffrey Amherst, the namesake of the town who also wrote letters suggesting biological warfare against Native Americans.

Amherst College formed a mascot committee and accepted nominations. Not making the cut: The Biddys (or Biddies), after the college’s president, Biddy Martin; or The Frosts, after Robert Frost — who taught at the school.

But in a town that also claims Emily Dickinson, the Poets — as well as the Fighting Poets — did make the list.

Also advancing: Purple & White, after the school’s colors; Hamster, an anagram of Amherst; and the A’s, because — as one student put it — “It is the letter our school starts with.”

(We’ll know more in March.) Read on at New England Public Radio.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 by Harriet Staff.