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The Third Rail's Issue 9 Features Joseph Mosconi, Keston Sutherland, Michele Wallace, More

By Harriet Staff


The Third Rail's Issue 9 is now in print, and online. An "editorially independent affiliate of The Brooklyn Rail" based in Minneapolis, previous issues have included audio from Paul Legault, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, an interview with Simone Forti, and tons of other delectables. We're hooked today on Alexandre Astruc's "The Future of Cinema," but there's a lecture here (available in both text and audio) from Keston Sutherland, "Instincts on Trump University," poems from Joseph Mosconi, an interview with Michele Wallace (the founder of WSABL [Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation]), an essay from Georges Didi Huberman ("How does sculpture think?"), and much more. Check it out all here. For now, an excerpt from Mosconi's "Monoliths, Faces & Suburbs: Poems 75 – 82" is at top.