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Now in the Free Download of the April 2017 Issue: Henry Rago

By Lindsay Garbutt

The Poetry staff at their office in the Newberry Library, 1956: Robert Mueller, Margaret Danner, Elizabeth Wright, Henry Rago, and Frederick Bock.

Did you forget to download your free copy of the April 2017 issue of Poetry? There are still five days left of National Poetry Month, so download your complimentary copy today! You can find the Poetry magazine app in iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. To sweeten the deal, we’ve added a special app-only portfolio to the April issue, on former Poetry editor Henry Rago.

Henry Rago had a long and storied history with Poetry. He met Harriet Monroe when he was fourteen and published his first poem in the magazine in December 1931, when he was sixteen years old. Nearly twenty-four years later, Rago became editor of Poetry with the October 1955 issue. He remained editor for fourteen years, publishing poets as varied as Louis Zukofsky and James MerrillW.S. Merwin and Kenneth KochLangston Hughes and Thom GunnFrank O’Hara and James WrightDelmore Schwartz and Muriel Rukeyser. Under Rago’s editorship, many now famous poets appeared in the magazine for the first time: John Ashbery (at least his first appearance under his own name), Sylvia PlathTed HughesGeoffrey HillRobert CreeleyCharles OlsonDenise LevertovAnne SextonAmiri Baraka (when he was still Le Roi Jones), James SchuylerStevie SmithFrederick SeidelJean ValentineLouise Glück, and many others.

When you download the April 2017 issue in the app (or if you’ve already downloaded it, open the app and it will automatically update) look for the special portfolio at the end of the issue. There you’ll find more about Henry Rago’s editorship, a selection of poems published during his time as editor, visual reproductions of some of his correspondence with contributors, and a look at the memorial issue Poetry published in his honor in November 1969.

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Posted in From Poetry Magazine on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 by Lindsay Garbutt.