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KALW Meets Javier Zamora

By Harriet Staff
Javier Zamora

For KALW's Crosscurrents program, Hannah Kingsley-Ma speaks with poet Javier Zamora about his experience crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as a child to reconnect with his parents. Ma explains, "When he was little, they left El Salvador, fleeing the civil war that resulted in the deaths of 75,000 Salvadorans. It was a war that the United States was involved in — they helped arm and fund the right wing military." From there: 

After multiple attempts, Zamora successfully crossed the border, and moved to Marin County. Now he's an accomplished poet and a Wallace Stegner fellow at Stanford University. His latest collection, Unaccompanied, chronicles his memories of El Salvador, his journey through the Sonoran Desert, and the difficulty of settling in a new land.

"With all the accolades that I've had, you may think that I am a 'good immigrant.' That this is what happens when the quote-unquote American dream is satisfied. I don't feel like I'm in no f—ing dream."

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Originally Published: October 12th, 2017