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Foundation for Contemporary Art Bestows $40K Awards to Lisa Robertson, Anne Boyer, Fred Moten

By Harriet Staff
Anne Boyer

The year is off to a great start! At the end of last year, we noted Lisa Robertson was the recipient of a $40,000 grant from the estate of Ellsworth Kelly with his partner Jack Shear. On January 1, the New York Times announced Anne Boyer and Fred Moten will also receive matching awards from the prestigious foundation, generously funded by the estates of two additional visual artists. Boyer is the recipient of the Cy Twombly Award, while Moten receives the Roy Lichtenstein Award. At the Times, Joshua Barone writes: "The painter Cecily Brown, one of the directors of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, said in a statement that she was pleased 'to make these awards in poetry, which is a perennially under-resourced field.'" From there: 

The grant from Kelly — the C.D. Wright Award for Poetry, named for the former grant recipient who died in 2016 — was given to the Canadian poet Lisa Robertson, who has lived in France since 2004. Writing about her book “Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip” in The New York Times Book Review, Stephen Burt called her “hard to explain but easy to enjoy.”

Anne Boyer, the Missouri-based poet who has written frankly about gender, class and illness, has received the Cy Twombly Award for Poetry. Her recent books include “Garments Against Women” (2015), which the critic Maureen N. McLane described in The New York Times Book Review as “a sad, beautiful, passionate book that registers the political economy of literature and of life itself.”

The inaugural Roy Lichtenstein Award, which in the future can go to an artist in any discipline, has been given to the New York-based poet and critic Fred Moten. He has long been interested in black culture and the relationship between experimental art and insurgent social movements.

Read more at the New York Times. Congratulations to Robertson, Boyer, and Moten!


Originally Published: January 2nd, 2018