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Rosebud Ben-Oni Shares Work by Fellow CantoMundo Poets

By Harriet Staff

In a generous post for the Kenyon Review blogRosebud Ben-Oni shares new work, interviews, book due date announcements, and other news from her fellow CantoMundo poets: "I’ve said it once before, but our time here on earth is short as each moment is fleeting. Poetry is where I’d rather attune my own personal clocks to. While it will be three years since graduating from CantoMundo, I’m forever grateful for that that space lives on for other Latinx poets to find themselves as much as community, in all the ways one chooses to define, create and celebrate it."

Included here: work and updates from Ruben QuesadaCarolina EbeidVanessa Angélica VillarrealCarina del Valle SchorskeRicardo MaldonadoFrancisco Aragón, and so many more.

Aragón's talk on Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, “Translation as Activism,” for instance, was presented at Split this Rock; Ben-Oni also points to Aragón's feature here at The Poetry Foundation, in which "Aragón discusses how 'new biographical information about Darío which changed his approach to the translation.' Aragón’s ideas and approach make for an interesting discussion on poetry and historical biography, especially for translators." 

Read more at the Kenyon Review blog.


Originally Published: June 13th, 2018