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Aster(ix) Journal Starts New Podcast With Sandra Cisneros

By Harriet Staff
Sandra Cisneros

Aster(ix) Journal has a new podcast, and the first episode is "Adventuring with Sandra Cisneros"! From Pittsburgh, Aster(ix) founder and editor Angie Cruz,  Angela Velez, and Cisneros visit the Warhol Museum. "As we move through the museum, Sandra admits that she might have one thing in common with Andy Warhol," writes Velez. More, from the transcript:

Sandra Cisneros: I used to collect, like Andy Warhol, a lot of memorabilia. People don’t realize a lot of my collections were textiles. So I had clothes from the ‘30s. I had gloves that were up to here, beaded. I used to have ‘30s gold gowns, gold lace, even backless. I used to wear china poblanas from the ‘20s and lift up the skirt and sit on my underwear, because if I sat on the sequins, they would leave a trail everywhere I was going, they were so old.

So I would wear these clothes, Lucite handbags, and Lucite heels. But that was my clothes. It wasn’t like I was going anywhere. Where you gonna go in San Antonio? You would just go to dinner and people would say did you come from a show? No!

Or I would wear vintage black lace  ‘30s slips that were so old, that they would start dissolving. I would start tearing them, laughing, and go home with my slips, and look like I’d been in a fight. But you could tell I had a good time.

AV: Sandra Cisneros isn’t an ordinary person. Maybe no artists are, but meeting her in real life, it’s hard to think of her as anything but a literary icon and an activist, the kind of woman who earns a National Medal of the Arts from President Barack Obama... 

Listen to the episode here, or read on here!

Originally Published: January 21st, 2019