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from shining G to shining G April 28, 2011: Now it’s a lot more fun to keep secrets than it used to be And it’s a lot more fun to forestall doom than it used to be It’s a lot more fun to mum halo than it used to be And [...] by

from some cats talking about making stuff April 21, 2011: Tiger Kitty: No. I think this is proven in one one could name. I don’t have to name it now. I think you all know what I would mean. In certain battles that go on while you’re meowing, for [...] by

“You Can Have It All” April 12, 2011: My idea of a conservative poet is Marcel Duchamp. There isn’t much use for time external to the writing in my head these days, insofar as the timely timelessness thing goes, much as I can sort of [...] by

and who knows when was the Aequinox? April 6, 2011: In response to this one’s continuous muttering of exhausted inane yap punctuated by some light bitching about being too currently pastly and futurely dumb to write any public speak, my three-week [...] by

The Curious Builder April 4, 2011: Index Hudney, Sutej IX, X, XI, 7, 9, 25, 58, 60, 61, 64 Plates   5,10, 15 Childhood   70, 71 Education   78, 79, 80 Early relationship with family   84 Enters academy, honors   84 Arrest [...] by

The secret to managing is to keep the ones who hate you away from the ones who are undecided April 30, 2010: “And truly, had not the duty I owe unto the importunity of friends, and the allegiance I must ever acknowledge unto truth, prevailed with me, the inactivity of my disposition might have made [...] by

Sneaking the sunrise past a rooster April 28, 2010: For me the poem or the individual work supersedes the book, as forms go. If they happen to be one and the same, that works. I mean, I like to read and get wrapped up in something, by

from An Island That Is All The World April 21, 2010: I’m fortunate to have a bit of an off day today, which will allow me to take my young daughter up the Museum of Natural History here in NYC, and maybe if time permits on a walk across Central Park [...] by