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The Wife of Pontius Pilate April 17, 2011: I know we are supposed to be in conversation here — but sometimes it is hard to resist the pull of the tangential, the whispered aside, the minor character, the unsettling dream that seems to come [...] by

We’d Rather Have the Iceberg than the Ship April 10, 2011: Rachel Zucker’s timely post on the timeless immediately brought a certain poem to mind. Then when I saw Kathleen Rooney’s post about the Titanic (sinking like an Oreo in milk!), I thought she had [...] by

Lucy Pevensie and the Magic Facebook April 4, 2011: When I was a kid, I used to reread C. S. Lewis’ Narnia books over and over, especially when I was down in the dumps or feeling blue, in much the same way I escape to Jane Austen now. I have [...] by

Pleasures of the Didactic April 1, 2011: Didactic has loomed large in my mind lately because of our struggles with the Greek school curriculum. by

Finish/Line April 30, 2010: If Pindar sang horse races, what should hinder Myself from being as pliable as Pindar? As we near the finish-line here for National Poetry Month and our guest stint on Harriet, I find myself looking [...] by

You don’t need time to write. You need space. April 27, 2010: As a mother of two, one a baby seven months old, it has suddenly occurred to me that despite my frequent protests to the contrary, I don’t really need “time” to write.  Somehow the writing [...] by

Knitting for Poets: Elizabeth Zimmermann April 25, 2010: The only thing that approaches the satisfaction of finishing a poem is completing a sweater. by

Afro-formalism April 21, 2010: Rigoberto’s shout-out to Allison Joseph brought to mind the best panel I attended at AWP, titled “Afro-formalism:  Owning the Masters” (after a famous essay by Marilyn Nelson.)  It was on [...] by

Eyjafjallajökull April 18, 2010: by

We’re all Praxillas now… April 16, 2010: Or at least Adonises. Praxilla was a woman poet writing in the 5th century BC.  While famed in her time as an equal to lyric poets Alcaeus and Anacreon, she is known now almost entirely for one [...] by