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Didn’t-go-to-the-AWP blues… February 9, 2008: As far as I can tell (apologies if I missed somebody), I am the ONLY current Harriet blogger not to have been at AWP in NY. What did I miss? Was there a secret meeting of Harrieteers? What did go on [...] by

Dr. Seuss February 6, 2008: Daisy’s post with its reference to Dr. Seuss’ The Foot Book reminds me of how important an influence Dr. Seuss is–acknowledged or not, consciously or unconsciously–to metrical [...] by

Boredom and the Imagination February 3, 2008: Boredom is the mother of imagination. How many of us began to be writers–even if it was telling stories to ourselves or other children–because of a lonesome childhood, or a childhood of [...] by

Seferis (more Greek Anthology…) February 2, 2008: Have ya’ll had enough of Greek poets yet? Hmmm. Probably so—this is the last one, promise. I am working on a review of George Seferis’ A Levant Journal, translated and edited by Roderick [...] by

More Cavafy January 30, 2008: Rigoberto writes here of encountering Cavafy in his high school library, and the sense of discovery and liberation Cavafy’s frank evocation of homosexual eroticism gave him as a young poet. [...] by

Alice January 28, 2008: When I was sick as a little girl (which was pretty often), I would lie in a darkened room with the cool whoosh of the humidifier beside me and would listen to LPs of a complete reading of Lewis [...] by

Happy Birthday, George Gordon, Lord Byron January 22, 2008: I live in a town where Byron is Big. There is a beautiful statue of him being embraced by Ellas (Greece) on the corner of a main thoroughfare. There is a street named after him in the center, on [...] by

Translation: Rhyme & Reason January 20, 2008: Some of the lack of boldness in translation in the past fifty years or so has been a lack of technical boldness, of even attempting to get across the meter, rhyme sounds, puns, etc., of the original. [...] by

Dead Letter Office January 16, 2008: Dear Letter, It’s been a long time since I’ve written you. But I think about you often. It’s always great to hear from you, to hold you, to gaze at the stamp of your beauty, your [...] by

Rhyme Driven January 13, 2008: As a poet who works in form, I weary of seeing in critiques–either in on-line workshops or in published reviews–the complaint that a poem or phrase or line is “rhyme driven.” [...] by