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On Being Started By a Blog January 13, 2010: I wrote most of this post just before Craig posted his lament for the bloggers. But I was too busy starting up my own new blog, American Witch, to post it until now. Though it may feel to Craig and [...] by

A Moment with Maxine (and Robert and Henry) July 20, 2009: Alexs Pate, David Mura, Maxine Kumin, Annie Finch Stonecoast 2009, photo by Suzy Colt Bowdoin college campus. Cool perfect Maine summer night. The warm wake of a great reading—a strong and [...] by

Muse-Goddess June 30, 2009: For my last post as a Harriet blogger, I wanted to give a shout-out to what makes it work for me. I could say the earth, spirit, guidance, love, chi, or justice— by

A Post of Posts June 30, 2009: I have only one day left on Harriet (though they have asked we who are leaving to keep posting occasionally, and I will look forward to that). I’ve been rationing posts, but I’ve nearly run out. [...] by

A Toast for the Fathers June 27, 2009: Roy Finch at Sarah Lawrence College, mid 1960’s Father’s day came and went, and I’ve been wanting to say something about my dad, and all my poetic fathers, by

Four Ears: the Curse of the Metrical Code June 27, 2009: Last year I happened to be sitting next to the young poet Jericho Brown at a reading in Los Angeles. Jericho noticed me counting on my fingers and scribbling down some marks on a piece of paper. He [...] by

Marxist Hexameter: Genevieve Taggard in a Heroic Measure–now with audio! June 25, 2009: Labor Day march across the Mackinac Bridge by

Why I Am a Woman Poet June 24, 2009: My Sister-in-Law, Sister, Niece, and Me in My Mother’s Kitchen Anna Leahy reminds us, in her recent essay “Is Women’s Poetry Passé?” in Legacy, that “in the January 2006 issue of [...] by

Overheard at the West Chester Poetry Conference June 20, 2009: “Welcome to the largest conference in the country devoted to poetry.” “Go ahead, tell us about the dactyls and the anapests, we can handle it.” by

An Evening with Forugh: Iranian Poetry Night June 18, 2009: Forugh Farrokhzād Travis’s post and recent events call me to describe something I’ve been wanting to post about for a while. One of the most moving evenings I’ve had as an American [...] by