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Mónica de la Torre—FOUR April 30, 2012: I think I first met Mónica de la Torre at a reading she gave with Eleni Sikelianos in the late ’90s or early ’00s at a gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The close friend I mentioned in a [...] by

Peter Gizzi—Threshold Songs April 25, 2012: Peter Gizzi has been a good friend ever since we overlapped for a year together in grad school almost two decades ago. I reviewed his first two poetry books, Periplum and Artificial Heart, for Denver [...] by

Dawn Lundy Martin—Discipline April 23, 2012: Dawn Lundy Martin was part of a group of poets, writers, and scholars who in the mid-2000s taught in Bard College’s Language and Thinking summer program, which requires all incoming Bard freshmen [...] by

Stephen Motika—Western Practice April 19, 2012: I first came to know Stephen Motika via his partner, who was a friend of mine in grad school at SUNY Buffalo, and who a decade-and-a-half later runs an exciting new gallery in New York City. When I [...] by

Cathy Park Hong—Engine Empire April 16, 2012: My initial encounter with Cathy Park Hong’s poetry occurred in May of 2006 when fellow Harriet blogger—now, not then—Thom Donovan was curating a reading and event series called Peace on A out [...] by

Daniel Tiffany—Privado April 11, 2012: I first heard Daniel Tiffany’s name when the poet Peter Gizzi raved about his book Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric, a beautifully written scholarly study of lyric poetry (among many other [...] by

Amy King—I Want to Make You Safe April 9, 2012: When I was a grad student at SUNY Buffalo in the mid-’90s, the comp lit students thought they were the cool kids, the Poetics Program poets thought they were the cooler kids, but the truly cool [...] by

Vivek Narayanan—Universal Beach April 5, 2012: When I was blogging for Harriet in the summer of 2008, I posted a two-part interview with Vivek Narayanan after having met him earlier that summer at the Beats in India: A Soul of Asia Symposium held [...] by

Poetry and race April 30, 2011: I’m kinda surprised that there hasn’t been any commentary on Harriet this month about the biggest and most heated discussion in the poetry world this spring—Claudia Rankine’s public [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books, or, poetry and finance April 28, 2011: Having spent much of the past decade working as a writer and editor on both sides of the print/electronic publishing divide, I’ve heard a lot of questions, but not many real solutions, concerning [...] by