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Following the Light: The End of National Poetry Month April 30, 2011: “I had the idea that the world’s so full of pain it must sometimes make a kind of singing. And that the sequence helps, as much as order helps— First an ego, and then pain, and then the [...] by

Response Burger: A Story of Rejection April 25, 2011: When I first moved to New York to go to NYU graduate school, I wrote a lot about laundry lines and sadness. I was a typical graduate student. Poor. Hungover. And staring out the window a lot, [...] by

I’m a Townie: Our Books as Places April 14, 2011: “Though you’ve never seen it before, it must be a town you’ve lived in all your life.” — Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town In an earlier post, Kathleen Rooney asks for a better [...] by

Reviews & the Study of Us April 6, 2011: I’ve just read all the posts on here for National Poetry Month so far. Wow. What a wonderful group of writers and responders to the world. I am so appreciative to be a part of this community. [...] by

Things That Help: National Poetry Month April 1, 2011: There’s something so very appropriate about the fact the first day of National Poetry Month is April Fool’s Day.  Like the world is saying, “Ha, ha, it’s ‘National [...] by

Mystery & Birds: 5 Ways to Practice Poetry January 13, 2009: Joshua Marie Wilkinson is putting together a group of micro-essay for teaching poetry to beginning writers. Though I’m not really a teacher, he asked me nonetheless. And since I have so many [...] by

The Cat’s Got the Poet’s Tongue May 30, 2008: I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting. Every time I got a free second to start a post, kerplop: A poem would come out. I suppose that’s no excuse or perhaps, in this setting, it’s the best [...] by

Regional Homesickness May 21, 2008: In reading Linh Dinh’s wonderful post about Montana and thinking of Bill Knott’s insightful comment in which he asked, “Is the regional poet extinct?” I began to think of how regional poetry [...] by

Shout Out to Latino Poetry Review May 16, 2008: “To be of the air. I’m saying this to myself like a prayer, because I don’t know that we can be free—of nationality, body, belonging.” —Miguel Murphy from Blood and Breath: A [...] by

The Fine Art of Mimicry May 15, 2008: “I will know my song well, before I start singing” —Bob Dylan, A Hard Rain’s Going to Fall I hope you got out your window yesterday. I did, just for a couple of hours, but it was worth it. My [...] by