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Slipping Out the Window May 14, 2008: “I teach my sighs to lengthen into songs.” —from The Renewal, Theodore Roethke This morning, I was reading Roethke on the train (I admit, part of me was trying to block out the news, having [...] by

Shout Out to Literacy Through Poetry May 13, 2008: In less than a week, one of my favorite teaching artist programs in New York City, The Community Word Project, will turn ten years old. And so will I. Well, sort of. I started teaching with them [...] by

Feliz Cinco de Mayo & Louder ARTS May 5, 2008: Feliz Cinco de Mayo First let me start with a brief description of this day. Being of Mexican heritage, I’ve had to explain it on a regular basis. So, I thought I’d just give a quick rambling, if [...] by

A Little Levis on Derby Day May 3, 2008: I grew up going to the track. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration. My stepfather—a writer and a wonderful human—likes to bet on the horses. Every time I go back to Sonoma, my hometown, he and I [...] by

Thursday Shout Out: Jimmy Santiago Baca (okay, it’s Friday) May 2, 2008: For many Latino (and non-Latino) poets, Jimmy Santiago Baca is a hero of sorts. With a long sordid history of pulling himself out and up from the mire, Baca has traversed the poetic world as both a [...] by

Thursday Shout Out: Dawn Lundy Martin April 24, 2008: To speak the unspeakable, that is often the poet’s job. Finding a language for what otherwise goes shoved under the worldwide carpet. In Dawn Lundy Martin’s beautiful and uncompromising new book, [...] by

A Little Writing on the Wall April 22, 2008: Lately, the graffiti in my neighborhood has been getting very positive. I find that each day on another block I’m getting bombarded more and more with messages of Magic and Think of the Future. On [...] by

Praise for Spring & NaPoWriMo April 17, 2008: In reading the insightful discourse on online intimacies, I found myself thinking deeply about the importance of the online community for poetry. Mainly I was thinking about the odd and blossoming [...] by

Thursday Shout Out (Okay, It’s Monday) April 7, 2008: The first time I heard Abraham Smith read I was shot back in time. I pictured me, a scraggly beat-girl, hearing Burroughs and thinking Whitman while rocking back and forth to a new sort of [...] by

Thursday Shout Out March 27, 2008: I have had the great pleasure of introducing Jennifer L. Knox in a few different writing courses. The first thing that happens is a dilation of pupils, as if an art history teacher suddenly flipped [...] by