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Lullaby and Goodnight March 26, 2014: When you say I’ve got my head in the clouds do you mean that in a good way? What would you do for love? What would I do for love? What if we love each other but our answers are different? Are [...] by

Writing Is an Aid to Memory March 21, 2014: Last fall, Bay Area gem Krupskaya published Stephanie Young’s third book Ursula or University, and City Lights published my first book Here Come the Warm Jets. Inspired by the good timing, [...] by

On Collaboration March 17, 2014: Shut up alone with a blank page and my own habits, I can get caught in a hall of looping self-doubt. But when I’m attending to another in poetic collaboration, I’m brought open to possibility, to [...] by

On Failure March 10, 2014: Just as traffic slowed on the commute home from work, “Juicy” came on the radio. From the brake-lit overpass I absentmindedly looked out at Oakland, letting the mid-tempo funk of the sample color [...] by

‘When we have to write long sentences, we use two planes’ March 3, 2014: At the beer garden I select the bench where the sun will strike my face longest and strongest. I look up to chart the sun’s path and find the sky marked by thick white pocks. I squint and see five [...] by