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“Tell the truth but tell it slant” is code. For “poetry.” April 24, 2011: In the New York Times Book Review this week, there is a letter taking issue with anti-intellectualism in a review about poetry. The review was by David Kirby, the book was David Orr’s Beautiful [...] by

Libryrinths April 20, 2011: The library I frequented when I was a little girl still looks much like it did in the 1970s and 80s. I’d like to revisit it someday, browsing the children’s stacks where I found and lost [...] by

Obit/Didactic April 6, 2011: It was about a year ago that I read with Paul Violi at Pace University. Today—shocked—I see his black-framed photo on Silliman’s blog. A blogging category I neglected to put on my list: [...] by

Did Coetzee Know “Briggflatts”? April 1, 2011: At this late date, the blogger reviews her options. She knows a little too much about blogging at this point; she knows, for instance, that the point is to maximize hits, even though the longevity of [...] by

Shortcut for Daisy April 27, 2010: Every day, whether it is to ferry my son to his crèche, or to go buy fresh greens for the night’s dinner, I must mount one of the several sets of steep stairs that are cut into the rocky hill [...] by

Aside on Expat Life (after Martin Earl) April 23, 2010: I might not be the best person to comment on Martin Earl’s account of expatriatism and poetry (A.E. Stallings probably has a deeper perspective, after a decade in Athens). Spending a year [...] by

Gated Community IV April 19, 2010: I remember once crossing a lawn at night that was outfitted with an automated sprinkler system; in the available light I could see colorless rainbows. At least that’s what I thought they were. [...] by

Gated Community III April 16, 2010: An apology and a confession: I’m sorry for being absent on Harriet—I thought I would sneak back to the U.S. from Beirut and do two readings and slip home without fanfare, to take up my [...] by

Gated Community II April 8, 2010: Partly, I’ve taken a fancy to Upon Appleton House and other country-house poems because the freedom of being a guest (as opposed to the responsibility of being the homeowner) is akin to [...] by

The Gated Community April 3, 2010: Since Daisy has already identified me as a nerdy poet, I shan’t flinch from admitting right off the bat that I have Andrew Marvell and Anne Finch on my mind these days. I’m thinking of [...] by