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Two Chapbooks July 22, 2008: Harriet writers have an open invitation to post even after their contract expires, but not many of us do so. The intensity of professional blogging for three to six months is exhausting, and the [...] by

Poetry Bookshop March 3, 2008: Hello Harriet readers! Just a quick alumni news flash. In this time of dying bookstores, here’s a bright spot: a poetry bookshop in Beacon, NY called Hermitage. It opened in December, “focusing [...] by

Story December 30, 2007: It was Sunday, 40 degrees with a snowstorm on the way. What do people do in the suburbs? I put on some Elliott Smith and went down to the riverfront. by

Some Debts December 27, 2007: The January issue of Poetry goes live next week, along with my essay-review of new books by Mary Kinzie and Robert Pinsky. There was a bit that took me too far afield, so I excised it from the final [...] by

The Flame Hatches December 23, 2007: Here in upstate New York near the St. Lawrence River, bordering the expanse of that fabled northern land called Canada, I was awestruck by sunrise, the first sunrise after the solstice! UTTERANCE [...] by

The Sonnet’s Malice December 21, 2007: I didn’t think I had anything to say about the sonnetfest here on Harriet. But then a friend sent me an article about Edwin Denby: great American ballet critic, friend of Frank O’Hara’s circle, [...] by

“Everything Is the Nuts” December 17, 2007: If anyone can figure out how to send Jane back to 1949 to see MoMA’s exhibition of “Italian pictures,” which gave Wallace Stevens a bad case of ennui, please send instructions care of this [...] by

Versions of Songs, Versions of Weariness December 17, 2007: Alicia’s post in tribute to Edward Thomas’s “The Owl” moved me. Especially so since it came after a terrible experience in a shopping outlet. My four-year-old and I were looking for snow [...] by

The Greatness of Kenneth Koch December 13, 2007: Don Share beat me to a post on Kenneth Koch and Patrizia Cavalli. “Talking to Patrizia” is actually one of my favorite love poems, tart and social and messy. So when I read Cavalli’s lesbian [...] by

The Real Predicament December 10, 2007: Christian Bok’s post here is a sad reminder of a persistent problem with poetry reviewers and bloggers: the dismissal of “cerebral” work and the exaltation of a crude notion of the [...] by