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Poetry Tourism? December 9, 2007: We are now approaching that time of year … when we wish we were elsewhere. …I am now in the town that time forgot, San Carlos, after a night on a crazy ferry, but on my way to tropical islands [...] by

Dispatch from a Banquette December 3, 2007: Lou Reed was sitting at the table next to mine last night, in a tiny basement cabaret in the theater district. I have no talent for recognizing celebrities, but the few I have have invariably been [...] by

Sound and Drink November 29, 2007: I don’t think brevity will ever go out of style. June Dangled above the traffic’s rasp: a contrail a crow a nail gun’s echo. Sappho Hears gossip makes it song it won’t be long [...] by

Marianne Moore and Revolution November 27, 2007: Was it really four years ago already that the new edition of The Poems of Marianne Moore was published? I remember standing in a bookstore in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with a new baby, worshipfully [...] by

A Note on Christian Wiman’s Reading of Basil Bunting November 25, 2007: After more or less admitting that I think exhortations to political poetry are essentially religious, I finally get my hands on a copy of Ambition and Survival: Becoming a Poet. There, in a brief on [...] by

The Canon within the Canon November 20, 2007: W.H. Auden’s Christianity is the subject of a fascinating article by Edward Mendelson in the current issue of the New York Review of Books. “In apparently secular poems, he kept hidden what was [...] by

Make This My Default Location (II) November 15, 2007: The Dark Months of May is a companion volume to Ballad of Jamie Allan: a prequel, really. It starts out as the chronicle of a breakup in a terse, personal plainstyle, which Pickard has been honing [...] by

What’s a Political Poem For? November 15, 2007: This is for Rigoberto following his Szymborska post. A few weeks ago, I attended my first town meeting. Somehow, it was nothing like the town meetings of Stars Hollow, with its “lovable [...] by

Make This My Default Location (I) November 12, 2007: “Jamie Allan was a Northumbrian piper, a border gypsy, born 1734 in Rothbury and who died in the Durham Lock Up in 1810 where he was serving a life sentence for stealing a horse from Gateshead [...] by

It Must Give Pleasure, It Must Change November 9, 2007: We can all rest easy now. A judge ruled on what makes a poem. In a twist that Alicia will appreciate, the plaintiff apparently argued that a poem in rhyming couplets is not a poem. The judge ruled [...] by