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riffs on Paris graff : 9 May 1, 2015: Street art in Paris is increasingly approachable, if not palatable—even potable. Someone had left a can of Dr. Pepper in front of Ender’s brooding angel (in my previous post), as a votive without [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 8 April 30, 2015: Graffiti is always already camera ready—always was. “We decided to take the train to Baychester station,” Lee of the Fabulous Five told Craig Castleman, in a long interview that begins Getting [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 7 April 29, 2015: From boom boxes to money rolls, many of the props in Wild Style, Charlie Ahearn’s 1982 dramatization of the burgeoning New York street scene of wholecarring and rapoffs; breakdancing and [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 6 April 27, 2015: Chris Marker’s Le fond de l’air est rouge eulogizes and elegizes the end of the 1960s and ventures into the early seventies. A play on the stock phrase le fond de l’air est frais, or the air is [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 5 April 21, 2015: The “Lasco Project” was inspired by the illegal 2012 intervention “Le Mausolée,” conceived by French graff artists Lek & Sowat. Produced in secret over a year, by no fewer than forty [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 4 April 15, 2015: Something wicked sure did this way come. On the corner of la rue Belliard and la rue Leibniz, in the 18me arrondissement, the door at the top of the street wasn’t locked, so when the coast was [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 3 April 10, 2015: In the 2010 documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, archaeologist and curator of the Grotte Chauvet, Madame Dominique Baffier, points out that the entrance to the cave is brimming with red palm prints. [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 2 April 7, 2015: “Mama’s got a lover,” sang Lou Reed, in a track by that name from his 1986 album Mistrial, A painter I am told She’s getting out of real estate For the art scene down in old Soho Art scene [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 1 April 3, 2015: “The techno-linguistic machine is giving language to human beings, and also taking the place of human beings in language for the current generation,” writes Franco Berardi, in his strange, [...] by

Photograffiti in Paris—coda: “Vu de la porte du fond” July 6, 2012: No one would call Rosa Barba’s work graffiti, at least not the Italian artist’s exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, on display through September 23. Included in the museum’s Satellite 5 series, [...] by