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Journal, Day Five May 26, 2006: For my final installment, I’d like to talk about another aspect of the way AJB operates that is different from most small presses. It doesn’t have to do with the fact that we’re a cooperative, [...] by

Journal, Day Four May 25, 2006: Yesterday I talked about how the editing process affects my evolution as a writer. Today I’d like to begin by describing our editing process at Alice James Books, and end with some details about [...] by

Journal, Day Three May 24, 2006: My favorite task as a publisher-poet is editing our books. Editing is really a kind of Ur-reading for me, a process where I am both reader and writer, and I love it for what it teaches me about both. [...] by

Journal, Day Two May 23, 2006: I promised yesterday to talk in more detail about Alice James Books’ feminist/diversity commitment. Many people know that the press had a feminist mission from the beginning, but not that the [...] by

Journal, Day One May 22, 2006: Directing Alice James Books is a dream job: I get paid to read, edit, and argue about poetry. And having worked for a more traditional independent press, I was particularly attracted by AJB’s [...] by