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Remembering Wanda Coleman December 6, 2013: There are only two poets who have shaped me profoundly as a poet. One of them is former San Francisco Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman, who is turning 80 years old next week whose birthday event I’ll [...] by

GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS: A Poetry Month Closing In The Form Of An Email Exchange With My Father. April 30, 2012: In honor of all things brave and vulnerable—all things poetic—I am sharing this exchange with you now.  Thanks for the amazing month. On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 6:36 PM, Amber Rose [...] by

Final push for Diane Di Prima and a sub-closing… April 30, 2012: Harriet—  I will keep this as short as a multi-tiered tweet:  We are at 84% for Diane Di Prima’s fundraiser! Is it possible to take us all the way to 100% by Tuesday?  I think so. In [...] by

What my Pop’s calls “Hokey Pokey”: A Story Of Return. April 24, 2012: This month took a big turn for me when I went from blogging about drunken poetry shenanigans in Iowa to becoming very integrated in the recovery efforts and support of one of my biggest idols, [...] by

A note from DIANE DI PRIMA. April 19, 2012: I am speechless. In under 3 days, we have raised over $11,000.00 for Diane Di Prima at GIVE FORWARD. As the emails started to flood my inbox from Give Forward, sending me not only each donor’s [...] by

A Very Personal Message To The Poetry Community On Behalf Of Diane Di Prima. April 17, 2012: Earlier this month, my spirit animal and close family friend poet Michael McClure sent me an email regarding San Francisco Poet Laureate Diane Di Prima who is now 78 years old.  Michael knows that [...] by

IOWA-PART TWO: THE REVENGE April 12, 2012: PREVIOUSLY, ON IOWA PART ONE… Back To The Lecture At Hand…. It was Saturday night and poets Derrick Brown, Beau Sia and I were performing at The Mill in Iowa City during The Mission Creek [...] by

IOWA’S MISSION CREEK FESTIVAL- PART ONE. April 9, 2012: Like any great film, I thought I’d start the story of Iowa’s recent Mission Creek Festival with it’s end, then go back and start you off at the beginning.  So here it is.  Standing [...] by

Paris Reviewed. April 4, 2012: After presenting an award at the the Paris Review Spring Revel last night in New York, I spoke briefly with a Big Editor about where poetry has been and where it is going. Verbatim, here is our last [...] by

A quicky with Thomas Sayers Ellis May 1, 2011: Now that I’ve got your dirty, dirty attention, I’d like to post a quick comment about last week’s Poetry Out Loud competition in Washington D.C. which I judged with several other [...] by