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The Bad Wife Handbook and the bad poet. April 29, 2011: Rachel- I have had this book sitting on my shelf for a long time now, having purchased it but never reading it.  Jeff Mcdaniel reminded me of it.  I found it and read it last night.  It’s [...] by

Allow me to lace these lyrical dutches ( to Kathleen) April 20, 2011: Gah this month’s posts from everyone have been so great!  I only wish I could reply directly to someone’s topic, as apposed to a new post as a reply.  Maybe the folks at Harriet could [...] by

Rooney, I hear you April 18, 2011: “So what do you think, Harriet bloggers and readers: are mission-driven presses that focus on producing and distributing work by members of under-represented groups necessary and desirable? Why [...] by

Goddess Booty Voodoo is What I Do April 7, 2011: Thank you PATRICIA SMITH FOR YOUR LOVE, for having ears that swivel towards the decades, for giving MY POETRY CONTEST a proper hello. Yes it’s true, the contest page is blazing with age [...] by

Competition! Poetry! National! Patricia Smith! April 3, 2011: It’s great to be back again on this sweet ass board with all you sweet ass poets. Patricia Smith — Are you into SWV?  Because I’m So Into You. I’ve been working on putting [...] by

Poems for Carrie April 28, 2010: Thanks so much to all the people who sent me their poems for Carrie.  I’ve sent the story to some poet friends as well.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll have a book’s worth. Here are [...] by

Carrie part 2. April 22, 2010: Pardon my lack of posts… I’ve been in rural Utah for the last 2 weeks shooting a film where there is no reception of any kind.  I’ve had a WONDERFUL time eating The Whispering [...] by

“All is everything.” April 14, 2010: On a recent train ride back from a reading at Sarah Lawrence College, I found a business card wedged in the seat next to me for a Citi Bank Customer Relations Representative named Carrie.   On the [...] by

Completely inappropriate first post. I do not care. April 2, 2010: I LOVE YOU LINH DINH.  I just finished Exquisite Cheeses.  I love your work.  I love that book.  I have a lot of love, in general, for you, surrounding you, feeling you up after math class in the [...] by

2010derly. January 10, 2010: Hello poetry board.  I thought I’d start out the year with a silly subject pun.  How did I do?  Feel free to use it in your daily correspondences. It’s a dry, warm Southern California [...] by