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Je t’aime, asshole: Notes Towards a European Ghazal April 20, 2011: Typed up my post, then it vanished.  An account of meeting Agha Shahid Ali. I wrote it on my home blog, pressed the wrong key and it was gone.  Then I came here, wrote it out again, from scratch [...] by

***Or oral? Can they be a *virus? **What kind of lines do you have in mind? April 14, 2011: "So sonic intensity is tantamount to submerged embodied historiography." Thom Donovan on Fred Moten. by

Memory and Narration: An Ultra-Romantic Marxist Primer April 11, 2011: Page 278: “Narrate the history of ways you have been in common.” — Th. Donov./Rb. Halprn Nothing comes to mind. The bus. The theater. The theater in Amsterdam drinking beer. Watching a [...] by

Performance and Narrative: Craft Notes April 10, 2011: Last night, in the Dikeou Gallery in Denver, as part of the launch for TITMOUSE magazine, I gave, towards the end of the evening —  a performance, that built in me: :as I sat in my chair. [...] by

Asian Vampire Sensuality and Other Problems April 5, 2011: Barbara Jane Reyes: “My question is about women of color publishing now. Why so dispersed? Why so defanged? Why so reticent, so deferential to others’ authority?” Quick answer: The [...] by

Poem-essay 1: Jena Osman’s “The Network” April 2, 2011: Poem-essay, the word for it, comes from Jena herself, a small, beautiful woman who lives on a street in a former colonial capital, Philadelphia.  Intensity in poets is beautiful to me.  The strict [...] by

Aggression and Community: [exit notes] [snake puke] [discuss] February 10, 2010: 1.  Discuss. 2.  No. 3.  The sentence is a dark alley.  You know what happens in dark alleys. 4.  Something’s not right. 5.  Discuss. 6. No. 7.  What kind of person gets to the corridor [...] by

BURN THIS February 7, 2010: What is the quantum logic of betrayal? by

Dung and Glitter February 4, 2010: Text is prebiotic. The book that can't be written appears in the world. by

Notes on Mutation January 30, 2010: The question as an evolutionary technology. Not mating. Friendship. I long for a beloved community. Sometimes I just want to lie down forever in an orchard. I don't know how else to tell you [...] by