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“So sonic intensity is tantamount to submerged embodied historiography.” January 28, 2010: Laynie Browne invited me to write a healing narrative, to collaborate upon one, and we began. Laynie, are you reading this? Do you want to resume? by

Red worms January 20, 2010: Lynn Margulis' presents the feral concept of a threshold -- volcano/ocean -- where red worms appear. These are hybrid creatures analagous to texts. by

“that borrowed form is already gone/I don’t speak.” January 17, 2010: I don't exist. I never know what to say when other people want to make peace but inside, you feel incapacitated by eye contact. I don't believe in all forms of touch. The aggression of [...] by

ANIMAUX January 13, 2010: because I want to put the x in animal, which has gender weight but which I actually visualize as the xxo that ends a letter, the duplicate, tactile kiss — or, as in x marks the spot: predation. [...] by

Fellow Kitty Cats/those born to it/those not: January 10, 2010: Hi. Although I have been taking some considerable pleasure in the space beneath this one, and though I am also in some kind of hollowed out part of the landscape in Vermont, I thought I ought to [...] by