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Palinode November 28, 2012: If Frank Ocean’s scream of devotion to something terrible is the key sound of the contemporary, it’s not altogether something horrible. It’s melodramatic and as such partakes of melos, the pure [...] by

Short Note On Frank Ocean November 20, 2012: On many weekend mornings at Alli’s house, she makes breakfast and I DJ. I know you’re thinking that this mirrors an extremely careless performance of normative gender roles, but it’s a little [...] by

Gastrointestinal Effluvia and Translation November 14, 2012:   Translating this book made me sick. I mean it gave me migraines, made me puke; I couldn’t sleep at night, regressed into totally out-of-character sexual behavior. The way I’ve put it to my [...] by

Translation and Revolt November 8, 2012: Since these are posts that are supposed to concern the craft of poetry, I suppose it’s okay to commence with a very practical remark about how I typically start a piece of writing. Essentially, [...] by