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What We Write About When We Write About April 24, 2014: Last month, sitting in a Brooklyn living room at a salon for women writers, a poet was talking about content. There was this notion among poets, she said, that a poem need not be about anything. That [...] by

The Noise, The Night April 18, 2014: On Monday night I stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for a glimpse of the blood moon, a lunar eclipse where the moon shifts into earth’s shadow and flushes red with the light of the sun rising and [...] by

Do What You Do, Love What You Love April 9, 2014: Last year, while speaking to a writing class at Medgar Evers College, I let slip a terribly-kept secret: there’s no money in this poetry thing. So we have to find other ways of making a living. A [...] by

On My Metatextual Uncertainty April 4, 2014: I was asked recently if I cultivated a public image, and in response, I noted that I’m just trying not to embarrass myself. I was being a bit glib, perhaps, but I think it’s also a fairly [...] by