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Late Review 03 February 22, 2008: —————– “A new weapon in the war against explosions: EXPLOSIONS! Hearing aids may explode!” from “Watch for Exploding Cells” in Fake Math by [...] by

Late Review 02 February 20, 2008: —————– “juicy baby rubber fist red jawbreaker gluts opera-mouthed palate heaves lip popper sloppy baby gurgle slick gloam limpid” “Ballgag” [...] by

Late Review 01 February 19, 2008: —————– “Bad abba the endgame. In- seminal doomdom alert: pueblo naturans or else. But the breadcrumbs are gone, and the story goes on, and how haply an [...] by

Random Poetry 08 February 18, 2008: —————– “Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly? Now is the time that face should form another; Nature’s bequest gives nothing but doth lend, [...] by

Late Past the Post February 12, 2008: Reginald Shepherd has proposed a definition for the term “post-avant poetry”—a term bandied about by poets without much consensus about its alleged referent, so I do not envy him his [...] by

Hail, Ichneumonid Redux! February 9, 2008: Commentary about the “ichneumonids” continues apace, and again I must apologize for belabouring this topic—but Reginald Shepherd still seems to be missing the point that, Bernstein and [...] by

Hail, Ichneumonid! February 9, 2008: Competing, scholarly priorities have prevented me from contributing to these interesting discussions on Harriet, and I fear that my own comments might seem very late in coming. Reginald Shepherd has [...] by

UbuWeb at AWP February 6, 2008: I, too, have returned from AWP, exhausted by the experience. I fear that I have little to report of interest beyond the social gossip that such an occasion usually affords—but in the interest of [...] by

Random Poetry 07 January 25, 2008: —————– “WE” First utterance of Talking Popcorn by Nina Katchadourian —————– by

Random Poetry 06 January 25, 2008: —————– dhcmrlchtdj “distribution height closets may remote Library catalogue hardly to die just dead hands claim me repeat Library centre hexagons the do [...] by