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Fourteen Lines: A Personal History April 17, 2017: I looked through my past poems in the morning and discovered I’d been writing the always somehow peripheral sonnet all along without understanding the forms of brief conclusive thought the poems [...] by

A note on San Francisco Blues April 18, 2012:   Over the course of his 1968 interview with Ted Berrigan for The Paris Review, Jack Kerouac is asked, “Why must the method for writing poetry differ from that of prose?” Kerouac responds, [...] by

Notes on a Correspondence December 16, 2010: I recently paid a visit to Thom Donovan’s blog Others Letters, which intends to reproduce correspondence between writers or between writers and artists. I immediately began to consider which of [...] by

Dave Haselwood & The Auerhahn Press December 10, 2010: Dave Haselwood founded the Auerhahn Press in 1958. The first title he printed was The Hotel Wentley Poems by John Wieners. The story I have heard (from Dave himself) is that he loaned Wieners his own [...] by

Readings December 2, 2010: I have never thought of readings as anything other than inevitable. They are always offered as proof of my way of hearing or listening. On occasion I have produced and tailored pieces with an [...] by

TRY! November 17, 2010: Try is a xeroxed and folded 8-and-1/2-by-14-inch magazine issued by poets David Brazil and Sara Larsen. It began appearing out of the Bay area in 2008, maintaining an impressive rate of [...] by

Fragments Of A Disordered Devotion November 10, 2010: I write in my living room, at a desk that faces the far wall. I always switch the lamp on, for a sense of occasion, I think. I don’t have a separate studio or practice space so it’s the [...] by

Behind the State Capitol: Or Cincinnati Pike November 4, 2010: John Wieners’ Behind the State Capitol: Or Cincinnati Pike was printed by Good Gay Poets out of Boston in December 1975. It is described by Wieners on its title page as “A collection of [...] by

Process Notes October 26, 2010: Poetry has always been a matter of courtship for me. I have often felt as if I were waiting for it to appear, hoping for something epic (in structure if not always in length) or impressive I should [...] by