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Celebrate with Them: Two Poets House Exhibitions November 25, 2013: We’re always on about our gallery space here at the Poetry Foundation, where we’ve just featured an exhibition of artwork inspired by Emily Dickinson and a copy of Emily Dickinson’s only [...] by

Emily Dickinson Haunts the Poetry Foundation October 22, 2013: The Poetry Foundation library is haunted by the ghost of Emily Dickinson these days. Or so it seems. We’ve borrowed a copy of the poet’s only surviving dress from the Emily Dickinson [...] by

Vote for POETRY from the Poetry Foundation for a Webby Award, Pretty Please April 10, 2013: Our app—POETRY from the Poetry Foundation—has been nominated for a Webby Award. This is a great, great honor. Mashable.com calls the Webbys “the Oscars for the Web.” The POETRY app is [...] by

Barnes & Noble Gets a New Poetry Column April 28, 2010: I’m delighted to report the launch of a new poetry column, “STANZA“, on the Barnes and Noble Review.  It’ll be written by Tess Taylor, who recently published Twice-Told Tales [...] by

Dispatch from the 2010 Key West Literary Seminar January 9, 2010: Greetings from the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar, which is dedicated to poetry this year and honors Richard Wilbur. I’m filing this post from a mobile device that tried to auto-correct [...] by

Do Non-Poets Buy Poetry Books? August 10, 2009: Do you know any non-poets who buy poetry books? If so, what books do they buy? Anthologies? Books by particular poets? What influences their decision to buy those books? I ask because there was an [...] by

The Printers’ Ball: July 31, 2009 July 28, 2009: Get ready for the fifth annual Printers’ Ball, the completely free, open-to-the-public print festival taking place this coming weekend. What is The Printers’ Ball, you ask? Officially, [...] by

Poem I Love: “For Julia, In the Deep Water” by John N. Morris July 9, 2009: The first real live poem I ever remember hearing aloud is “For Julia, In the Deep Water” by John N. Morris. It’s about my friend Julia. Her dad was a poet, which was weird when you [...] by

Poem I Love: “You, Therefore” by Reginald Shepherd June 25, 2009: I knew Reginald ages ago in Iowa City. As my mother’d say (hi Mom!), he was quite a character. In this poem and in others, I admire his use of assonance, alliteration, internal near rhyme [...] by

Found on Flickr: Poetry, Texas June 22, 2009: Look at this beautiful thing–there’s a place called Poetry, Texas. Anyone ever been? Noel Kerns has. One of my coworkers just reminded me that Poetry, Texas is included in a slide show of [...] by