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Poem, Category, Relationships, Gay June 12, 2009: As you might know, it’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender month here in the good old U.S. of A.  In the hope of promoting some quality queer poetry and some quality queer poems here on the [...] by

Poem I Love: Jane Miller’s “Miami Heart” June 9, 2009: I once heard Jane Miller recite this poem in a large amphitheater in the Midwest where I swear she read the whole thing in one breath. I love the pace of the poem–how it speeds up, slows down, [...] by

Chicago Poetry Tour Premiere June 3, 2009: If you’re in Chicago this weekend, head to the Printers’ Row Lit Fest, where you can browse tons of books, hear all kinds of authors, and explore the treasures and charms of the Printers Row [...] by

Lorine Niedecker May 20, 2009: A few weeks ago, I got a tip from a coworker that a documentary film about Lorine Niedecker was being shown at Loyola University. I used to be the only person I knew who knew who Lorine Niedecker [...] by

A Few Harriet Statistics April 24, 2009: Ten years ago, I ran a site for teenage girls with over 4 million registered users. We had at least a million teenage girls posting on our discussion boards, especially the poetry board. Every once [...] by

Roller Derby Haiku April 22, 2009: Roller derby haiku. They call it “girl-powered poetry inspired by derby queens.” We call it a wonder we made it through high school without this stuff. Some of our favorite examples: Eva [...] by

Fanny Howe & Ange Mlinko Win 2009 Pegasus Awards April 14, 2009: Please join me and all the Poetry Foundation staff in congratulating Fanny Howe and Ange Mlinko, winners of the sixth annual Pegasus Awards. Howe is the recipient of the 2009 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize. [...] by

Take the Poetry Poll and Pass it On March 27, 2009: In response to Travis’s last post, Iain says: “I’d be very interested in a poll that asked people what stereotypes they associate with poetry and poets.” So would we. So [...] by

Herrera and Kleinzahler Share 2008 NBCC Poetry Prize March 13, 2009: The Poetry Foundation would like to congratulate Juan Felipe Herrera and August Kleinzahler whose books “Half of the World in Light” and “Sleeping It Off in Rapid City” have [...] by

Poets House Tribute to Reginald Shepherd (1963-2008) March 11, 2009: I was so happy to see that Poets House in New York is holding a tribute to poet, critic, teacher, and former Harriet blogger Reginald Shepherd tomorrow night, Thursday, March 12th at 7:00 pm. Those [...] by