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Is Writing for the Rich? March 6, 2009: There’s an interesting article in The Week that asks what is perhaps a rhetorical question: Is writing for the rich? by

Oblique Strategies February 24, 2009: I’m a sucker for little internet randomness games. This one, called Oblique Strategies, comes from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. It felt particularly prophetic and possibly poetic the first few [...] by

Hello Harriet February 22, 2009: If you’re a Harriet regular, you’ve probably noticed a few new-ish names over in the right-hand column. One of them is mine. That’s because I’ve taken over for Emily Warn as [...] by

John Updike (1932-2009) January 27, 2009: All of the staff and board at the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine express their profound sorrow at the death of John Updike. Although many people knew him as a prolific novelist, Updike also [...] by

Journal, Day One June 12, 2006: I would be neither a poet nor a physician today had it not been for the statement made by a very wise teacher of mine in graduate school. When I started college, I never dreamed I would become a [...] by