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Why I love being a poet April 30, 2012: Since this will be my last post for Harriet, I want to first thank all the good folks at the Poetry Foundation for sharing their space with me for National Poetry Month. Thanks to all the readers [...] by

Poetry, Politics, and Letters to the Empire April 30, 2012: It’s always exciting to me when poets actively engage in politics. I respect poets who are finding new and creative ways to address politics in their poetry (symbolic engagement); and I honor [...] by

The Indigenous Sovereign Imaginary April 26, 2012: As some of you know, I am currently on a three-universities in-four-days-California-reading-tour. You can see my event calendar here. In between these readings, I will be meeting with my dissertation [...] by

Poetry Parnassus, the London 2012 Olympics, and Decolonization April 23, 2012: Even though my homeland of Guam is a colony of the United States, Guam received International Olympic Committee recognition in 1987 and competed the following year in Seoul, Korea, and in every [...] by

Poetry at the Indigenous Studies Conference April 20, 2012: I survived the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa, Indigenous Studies Student Conference and all I got was a feeling of authenticity. The conference fulfilled its theme, “Olo Nā Iwi (The [...] by

“Ola Nā Iwi (The Bones Live)”: Indigenous Continuity & Native Voices April 12, 2012: According to the Fall 2010 demographics at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa (UHM), nearly 3,500 students identify as native, with 3,328 Pacific Islanders and 89 American Indians/Alaska [...] by

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Facebook April 9, 2012: Once, blogging was king. My Google reader was a feast of interesting subscriptions to blogs written by poets. The Poetry Foundation was paying bloggers to write for Harriet. Comment boxes were the [...] by

Conference Spotlight: Native American Literature Symposium (Part 2) April 6, 2012: Did I mention the food? If I had the space and time, I would blog about every panel, paper, and keynote of the Native American Literature Symposium; instead, I will focus on the poetry-related [...] by

Conference Spotlight: The Native American Literature Symposium (Part 1) April 2, 2012: First, thanks to the Poetry Foundation for inviting me to contribute. I am honored and humbled to be among such great poet-bloggers. One of my favorite annual conferences is the Native American [...] by

“A Woman with Shamanic Agency” May 4, 2010: Lucas de Lima and Sarah Fox discuss Hiromi Itō’s Killing Kanoko : “Well, I might argue that Anne Waldman and Alice Notley are among Itō’s North American sisters. Both embrace shamanic [...] by