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Poetry, Politics, & Why I am Not an Activist February 24, 2010: i’ve never considered myself an activist; if anything, i think what i do is ‘literary activism’ as i try to raise awareness of the struggles of my people through my poetry. in 2007, [...] by

A Baby Picture, Author Photos, & My Second Book has been Published! February 22, 2010: so my first book was published in 2008. the book has no author photo (my publisher said i was too ugly). but one day i received an email requesting an author photo. i had just come from the gym so i [...] by

‘Al Que Quiere,’ A Bilingual MFA, Multilingual Poetics, and the ‘in English’ Only Poetry Contest February 17, 2010: In a letter to Marianne Moore dated Feb. 21, 1917, William Carlos Williams wrote: I want to call my book: A Book of Poems: AL QUE QUIERE! —which means: To him who wants it—but I like the Spanish [...] by

Translation, Conceptualism, Exoticism, Imperialism, & Why Kenneth Goldsmith isn’t as Charming as David Larsen February 15, 2010: so after all the discussions about translation, i ordered david larsen’s names of the lion from atticus finch. i heart atticus finch–the most beautiful chapbooks ever. i also read [...] by

Tranvestisizing, Post-Total Translation, & a Parable February 10, 2010: * johannes goransson, in a recent blogpost, wrote: “Translation transvestisizes the “original.”” * have you ever heard the parable “The Translating Twins”? twin [...] by

Community, Awaiting Moderation, & Why I Heart Truong Tran February 8, 2010: in some ways, many of the posts from the current cohort of Harriet bloggers is about community: reading series, the commons, literary magazines, criticism, ethnic and gender organizations, humans and [...] by

O the Mid-life Horror! O the Humanities! February 3, 2010: [contest winners announced at end of post] so i turn thirty years old this weekend. you got a problem with that? well i do! i first started to feel the pangs of a mid-life crisis last year, when i [...] by

Do You Want to Win Free Books? February 1, 2010: it’s monday! so let’s reward ourselves with another chance to win some free Omnidawn Books! i’m going to give away 10 books–and you can choose any Omnidawn book you want if [...] by

Gender, (Race), & Poetry (Part 2): Numbers & Unnumbered Trouble January 27, 2010: * some of you may be familiar with ‘NUMBERS TROUBLE,’ the essay by juliana spahr & stephanie young, published in the chicago review (2007), in response to jennifer ashton’s [...] by

Gender & Poetry (Part 1): ‘Why Don’t More Women Do Blog-Oriented Writing?’ January 25, 2010: Blogging, friends, is boring. We must not blog so. After all, the screen flashes, the great internet yearns, we ourselves type and yearn, and moreover Kent Johnson told me (repeatingly) ‘Ever to [...] by