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Memories and Thoughts on Adrienne Rich June 20, 2016: [Editor’s note: This month the Collected Poems of Adrienne Rich will be published by W.W. Norton & Company. To celebrate the occasion we’re re-running Cathy Park Hong’s [...] by

Poet Musician David Berman quits Band, outs Father January 26, 2009: File this under random gossip. David Berman, best known as singer of the Silver Jews and author of Actual Air, just “announced that he will quit his band and continue on as muckraker and [...] by

Rodrigo Toscano’s Collapsible Poetics Theater and Other Poetic Concerns January 14, 2009: Mark Nowak wrote a post last week in which he asked, “How does poetry address a working world that is not so stringently nation-bound?” This is an issue that I constantly think about. I feel [...] by

Inger Christensen January 16 1935 – January 2 2009 January 8, 2009: I’m greatly saddened that Inger Christensen has passed away at the age of 73. If you’re not familiar with her poetry, she was the best known contemporary poet in Denmark. In the United States, [...] by

LA hiatus January 3, 2009: “Garden of Eden on Wheels” at the Museum of Jurassic Technology Apologies for the silence. I’ve holed myself in LA. And another apology for committing a blogging faux-pas. It’s always [...] by

The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza December 15, 2008: I have been waiting for Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Life and Times of DJ Spinoza ever since I saw his ribald virtuosic performance five years ago in some obscure midtown gallery. Yes, let me repeat [...] by

Cunnilingus in North Korea December 12, 2008: (still from Paul Chan’s video) I just noticed poetryfoundation’s video podcast section, which reminds me of Claudia Rankine’s video essays. Poets expanding into multi-media [...] by

Science Fiction Poetry December 5, 2008: I have not gotten my hands on Andrew Joron’s latest 2008 collection, The Sound Mirror, so I’d like to push his older collection, Science Fiction, published in 1992. I’ve been curious about [...] by

Revolver November 30, 2008: I first came across Robyn Schiff’s poem “Dear Ralph Lauren” at jubilat (where I’m a guest editor) and was floored by the formal and emotional torques of this wonderfully odd poem. Put simply, [...] by

It’s the economy part II: scattered thoughts November 23, 2008: *An article that echoes my previous post on the recession and how it might affect artists. * Travis helpfully mentioned an old NEA article on artists in the workforce. On that note, isn’t the [...] by