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Reading Writers April 26, 2012: In which I sing of praise and pardons, plasticity, and possession by

The Poet as Hoarder, the Hoarding as a Way to Let Go April 25, 2012: [Editor’s Note: Please see Camille Dungy’s “Reading Writers” for a correction to this post.] I remember seven thousand years ago meeting Daisy Fried in the Hilton lobby at the [...] by

Why I Write to Strangers, Part the Second, in which I Discuss the Happy Accident April 23, 2012: My last post promised a list of my top 10 reasons why I bother to respond when strangers write me letters. The problem is, I only posted 7. Mostly what happened was the result of a failure to fully [...] by

Why I Talk to Strangers April 19, 2012: In my first post on Harriet this year, I suggested that I would eventually write a post about why I bother to respond to emails I receive from strangers. Tonight, after answering a number of [...] by

The Writing on the Wall April 17, 2012: “Over a hundred poems are on the walls. Looking at them, they are all pining at the delayed progress. What can one sad person say to another? Unfortunate travelers everywhere wish to [...] by

FAQs: How Do You Get Started With a Poem? Do You Start With an Idea or Just Start Writing? April 13, 2012: I’m thinking of nostalgia and it’s role in my life as a poet. It used to be really important to me, nostalgia. by

FAQs: Is It Hard to Get Published? April 11, 2012: I want to answer a question I’ve been asked quite frequently by young writers. They tell me they’ve been writing for a little while and they love writing and they want to know if it will [...] by

Thank you. I’m trying to pay you back. April 4, 2012: I’m thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr. today, on the 44th anniversary of his assassination. I am thinking of the hard work and ultimate sacrifice he made. I am thinking of the hard work and [...] by

Poetry Everywhere April 2, 2012: Last week I went shopping in the little Crown Heights design studio of the innovative fashion designer, Sue Rock. Rock, who is a wizard at crocheting, and her husband, who can sew a stunning tunic [...] by

“the beautiful, needful thing”: in memory of Dr. Dorothy Height April 29, 2010: This morning in the nation’s capitol, mourners said farewell to Dr. Dorothy Height, a life-long Civil Rights activist to whom this nation owes a debt of thanks.  Rather than end my blogging [...] by