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Not finished yet June 29, 2009: The street sweepers have passed, and the crowd control fences have been carried away.  Pride, for some, is over and done.  But for many, the persistent resistance that Pride weekend celebrates [...] by

The Fish June 24, 2009: Once or twice a year I shut off my cell phone and computer and spend a stretch of time in the great wide open.  Or in some approximation of the great wide open.  I always get plenty of juice out [...] by

No Pause for Breath June 12, 2009: I was talking to a friend today about one-sentence poems I love. by

Five Canadian Women Eco-Poets June 4, 2009: I’m in Canada right now at the biennial conference for Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE).  In honor of my host nation, I thought I’d write about a few Canadian [...] by

Spelling bee! May 30, 2009: I watched the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night. by

And the poet said… May 28, 2009: I want to  share a half dozen of my favorite quotes about the process and charges of poetry. I’d love to hear what you think of these (some of them are, purposefully, provocative). I’d also like [...] by

Do Poets Dream of Lineated Sheep? May 26, 2009: Quick survey.  Do you think the way you dream relates to the way you write? by

Speaking of batting averages… May 23, 2009: Boston (well, actually, Somerville) is the first city I lived in after receiving my poetic license.  Here again now, enjoying the sun off the Charles and the good food at Toro and the many offerings [...] by

Box by Box May 20, 2009: My life is a life of boxes. It’s temporary, I trust. The hope, when one puts her whole life into boxes, is that, soon, her whole life will be out of boxes.  But my parents speak, sometimes, of the [...] by

green, yellow, grey: go! May 13, 2009: I’m heading to Oregon tomorrow, and I can’t get Bob Kaufman out of my head. by