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Journal, Day Five December 15, 2006: My last morning in Boise, at Catherine Jones’ and Michael Fitzgerald’s, thanks guys. I’ve been on the porch trying to catch some wireless off the neighbors. Got my first blog comment from a [...] by

Journal, Day Four December 14, 2006: Hi. Back to what I was talking about Tuesday—as a political act, does the current focus on the context for poetic activity (avoiding traditional hierarchies, collaborating to produce work, finding [...] by

Journal, Day Three December 13, 2006: I think I’ll talk more about all that tomorrow. Getting too heavy. Plus I’d like to talk about some poetry. Unfortunately I don’t have my books with me here in Boise. I brought one book, [...] by

Journal, Day Two December 12, 2006: Hello from Boise, where I used to live and where it’s supposed to be sunny, and it’s not, crap, I have been looking forward to the sunshine because Ohio is gray like inside the brain. Yesterday [...] by

Journal, Day One December 11, 2006: Hello strangers and friends. I will be fronting the poetry borg for this week. I mean flabbing the poetry blog. Welcome! I am flying to Boise from Ohio today, to drop off my son with his dad. While [...] by