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Everything Lives, Everything Dances, Everything Sings April 28, 2010: For all my bravado elsewhere about being open about being a mother and a poet, I do get leery of doing too much kiddie-mentioning. I think about Maisie plenty and am not ashamed to, and like to, and [...] by

Arcs and Arcoholics April 26, 2010:                                                        a good arc In a recent (positive) review, I noted that the book in question didn’t have [...] by

Mom and Supermom April 23, 2010:   In the Don Juan in Hell section of Shaw’s Man and Superman, The Statue, Don Gonzalo, explains why he has chosen to come to Hell instead of staying in Heaven. At classical concerts in England, he [...] by

Just the Crisis April 22, 2010:   That “why don’t you write novels” question Camille Dungy refers to is one I get all the time. Once, I was reading my poem “Aunt Leah, Aunt Sophie and the Negro Painter” which is about, [...] by

Why Does the Poem Work?: Rachel Loden’s “What the Gravedigger Needs” April 19, 2010: Joel Brouwer blogged about Rachel Loden’s Dick of the Dead last year here; it’s been a pleasure to see this political, strange and strangely charming book get some attention, including here [...] by

The Malfunction Malfunctions Malfunctioned April 14, 2010: Lavinia Greenlaw’s delightful Booth of Truth post about her visit to an amusement pier and Rachel Zucker’s mention of her & Arielle Greenberg’s Starting Today: 100 Poems for Obama’s [...] by

Today’s Imperative: John McAuliffe April 12, 2010: I’ve had the pleasure this spring of having as a colleague the Irish poet John McAuliffe. He’s occupying a visiting chair of Irish Studies at Villanova University, where I’m currently teaching. [...] by

Billboard Koan, Shitty Namaste April 5, 2010: I realize I have a little hostility problem. by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Nerdiness is flashing a full frontal when you haven’t waxed and aren’t really an exhibitionist. by

Fish’s Night Song March 24, 2009: Here’s Christian Morgenstern’s (1871-1914) “Fisches Nachtgesang,” or, “Fish’s Night Song.” It’s one more example of American parochialism that nowhere in Bartlett’s Quotations is a [...] by