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Occupy Wall Street Anthology Takes Manhattan April 9, 2012: Occupy Wall Street Publishes its first Poetry Anthology According to editor Stephen Boyer, the first ever Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology is nearly complete. In celebration, a reading will be [...] by

WAS THE WORD: POETRY PRO-AM March 26, 2012: At 5 pm on Sunday, April 1st at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, IA, budding young poets from all over the state will join in a master class with nationally-recognized performance poets Amber [...] by

In Memoriam: David Bromige June 10, 2009: “Poetry is the theory of heartbreak” — David Bromige (October 22, 1933 to June 3, 2009) Endowed with remarkable wit and a prodigious memory, David Bromige was a paragon of poetic [...] by

Porno For Poets August 5, 2008: Jonathan Mayhew posted the following response to the excerpt of an interview with Philip Levine that I included in a recent blog entry: “I heard Levine give a reading years back and say he cut his [...] by

Vast Eternity III August 1, 2008: Now let us sport while we may…I love that so many people are commenting on Levine’s distinction between “poetry temporal” and “poetry eternal” and my own volley against using criticism as [...] by

Vast Eternity II August 1, 2008: The reason I started musing on the literary version of separation between Church and State—the separation between poet and critic—is because I think more and more we’re getting these hybrids, [...] by

Yonder All Before Us Lie Deserts of Vast Eternity July 31, 2008: I was going to call this entry “Why I Am Not a Critic.” But then I realized I’d probably get blasted for that, because, after all, everyone is a critic—and—everyone is a critic. But what I [...] by

All the Young Girls Love Alice July 17, 2008: Alice Dunbar-Nelson, born 17 July, 1875 by

Greatest American Hero July 14, 2008: Jerry Rubin, born 14 July, 1938 Self-described “orphan of Amerika,” outside agitator, leader of the Youth International Party, indicted co-conspirator in the trial against free speech in the [...] by

Accessible Poetry July 13, 2008: By which I mean “easy enough to get there.” Especially from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. This Friday, 18 July, at 7:30 p.m., a stellar line-up of poets will be reading in San [...] by