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Meet the New Colossus—Same as the Old Colossus May 31, 2008: I have to confess, I love the Parthenon. Not the original (though I might indeed love it, if I ever get a chance to see it) but the reproduction. by

FREE POETRY May 29, 2008: to a good home…. Received in the mail several copies of Free Poetry, a series of chapbooks edited by Boise State University’s Martin Corless-Smith. The books aren’t copyrighted, and they [...] by

Lost in Translation May 26, 2008: I was visiting a creative writing class last week, and students were asking questions about craft, process, etc. A young woman raised her hand: “where do your words come from? Do you spend a long [...] by

David Trinidad is Doing Tim Dlugos May 23, 2008: I don’t mean for that to sound as provocative as it does. Trinidad is in the midst of editing Dlugos’s Collected Poems. Dlugos is still under-read, in part because contemporary poetry is still [...] by

At the Cotton Museum May 16, 2008: The former Cotton Exchange in Memphis has been transformed into a loving tribute to the fiber that shaped the South: King Cotton. The museum is a fine combination of multi-media presentations and [...] by

MEMPHIS AND NASHVILLE May 8, 2008: In Robert Altman’s seminal film, Nashville, a third-party candidate named Hal Philip Walker is running for president on a ticket known as The Replacement Party. “I’m for doing some [...] by