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The Rejection Slip April 25, 2011: If the subscription list of this magazine approximated the yearly inflow of manuscripts – the editors would hire a long string of assistants, have cut flowers replenished daily on their desks, [...] by

Poetic Fashion and Unfashion: On Literary Outliers April 18, 2011: I recently participated, along with Annie Finch, Cate Marvin, and Kristen Prevallet, in a panel at Harvard called, “Poetic Fashion and Unfashion: On Literary Outliers.”  The idea, which [...] by

Poetry blogging is dead, long live poetry blogging! April 7, 2011: About a year ago on my own blog, I concluded that poetry blogging was dead. This was done with tongue mostly in cheek, at a time of wagging tongues—and wags. Comment streams, readers may recall, [...] by

POETRY in Kazakhstan April 29, 2010: We were recently contacted by the Innovative University of Eurasia (Kazakhstan), who are in need of English-language books and magazines for their reading programs. We sent them copies of Poetry [...] by

Haiti January 13, 2010: We’ve been looking into the best ways to help out those who are suffering so terribly in Haiti following yesterday’s earthquake. The best single source of reliable information we’ve [...] by

Lisa Robertson: Dispatch from Jouhet! November 10, 2009: During a site migration (I love technical jargon, don’t you?), a number of Harriet’s journals were lost.  But I’m pleased – and extremely grateful to the crack web team here [...] by

Poetry makes nothing happen… or does it? November 4, 2009: You see the phrase, “poetry makes nothing happen” trotted out over and over again, attributed to W.H. Auden as some sort of evidence for the reductiveness and hermetic inutility of [...] by

X-Rays and Fowling Pieces September 9, 2009: Shout out to a poet whose poems – like X-rays – are quick, high-voltage and penetrating… like this one, called, well, “The X-Ray” — by

Real life August 3, 2009: “I do not know what you think of departments of English, but the good ones are not random collections of tedious pedants…” by

We do things funny over here… July 8, 2009: I recently attended the Poetry International festival in Rotterdam – one of the best poetry-related events I’ve ever been to – meeting day and night with poets from countries other [...] by