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Journal, Day Five February 17, 2006: This is a glorious red-letter day because JUDE DRANK OUT OF A JUICE BOX USING A STRAW!!!! The context for this is that he has a major speech difficulty due to a birth injury—it left him unable to [...] by

Journal, Day Four February 16, 2006: I’ve been checking out other blogs this week—trying to get a handle on the genre—it’s come to my attention that poet’s and poetry lovers are a pretty irritated bunch—I’m not saying [...] by

Journal, Day Three February 15, 2006: It turns out that the distributors actually liked the vintage porn cover I was fussing about. Go figure. I guess art and democracy are safe for one more day (I’m resisting the urge to make a Dick [...] by

Journal, Day Two February 14, 2006: Forgive me if this is quick and dirty—I’m speed typing since I have to teach soon and I haven’t even gotten into the shower yet— So I was kind of surprised that this month’s issue of Poetry [...] by

Journal, Day One February 13, 2006: Every time I hear the word “blog,” that song from Ren and Stimpy goes through my head— It’s blah-og, blah-og, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood! it’s blah-og, blah-og—it’s better [...] by