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Wavy celery June 4, 2008: Reading Lucian this morning*, I came across this: “She said that Stratonice the wife of Seleucus had done something much more ridiculous….She set up a poetry contest with a prize of one [...] by

You know you love me April 21, 2008: Are you excited for tonight’s GOSSIP GIRL? (OK, catch your breath.) Now tell me: Does the show reflect poetry’s diminishing cultural capital? by

The Facts of Late Winter March 20, 2008: The new feature on the site, “Diversity Then!,” by the novelist Paul La Farge, looks at the sensational faits divers penned by Félix Fénéon in the early 20th century. La Farge mentions [...] by

Jumping the Snark February 23, 2008: R. Kikuo Johnson’s graphic cover version of “Recitative” (by Harriet’s own A.E. Stallings) appeared recently as part of this site’s “Poem as Comic Strip” [...] by

“Battlefield” unearthed…and more on Frank Stanford January 21, 2008: I’d love to hear comments from our Harriet bloggers and readers on Ben Ehrenreich’s “The Long Goodbye,” his epic, beautifully written piece on the work and life of the late [...] by

Chance occurrence January 9, 2008: Pulp fiction fans—check it out! Levi Stahl’s recent PF piece, “Baseball and verse,” dug up some new and old poems inspired by our national sport. He paid specific attention to [...] by

The case of the profound connection October 8, 2007: Ange asks: “Could it be that there is a profound cultural connection between the poet and the detective?” The answer is… by

Breathless October 1, 2007: At the PEN America blog, David Haglund digs up a curious George Plimpton anecdote involving John Steinbeck, Marianne Moore…and Jean Seberg. by

E.P. on P.E. June 18, 2007: On April 10, Patricia wrote: “Phebus Etienne is dead. That won’t mean anything to most of you…Phebus was a reverent Haitian lyric, a deft conjurer of language and light, a Cave [...] by

Why not the toes? May 13, 2007: At Paper Thin Walls, Poetry Foundation writer Brandon Stosuy on Lexie Mountain Boys: “The act skirts a line between spastic theater and avant-savant sound poetry slam (dancing)—sometimes it [...] by