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Shall I nail thee to a summer’s day? April 20, 2007: Stephen Colbert challenges Sean Penn to a Meta-free-phor-all, with Robert Pinsky presiding. (Via Betsy and Jimmy) by

Use Your Allusion April 5, 2007: This is from the item about William McGonagall—by some lights, the world’s “worst” poet—in today’s PoFo News: “I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in the [...] by

Peel Slowly and See March 26, 2007: Let’s make a Venn Diagram. Circle one consists of Einstürzende Neubauten fans; circle two, Dante aficionados. If you’re in the overlapping region, it’s time to check out Radio Inferno (posted [...] by

Holding pattern March 22, 2007: Remember Brandon Stosuy’s awesome PoFo piece on the Hold Steady/John Berryman connection? (You know, “How a Resurrection Really Feels”—the article with the passages that you [...] by

Direction Reaction Creation March 21, 2007: For no good reason, I’ve been reading the liner notes to Direction Reaction Creation, the Jam boxed set (boxed set of Jam sounds delicious) from—I was going to say “a few years back,” but [...] by

Astral Collection March 15, 2007: Jeffrey’s post about Lorca reminded me of when FGL appeared on my radar—I was reading “Astral Weeks,” Lester Bangs’s essay on the Van Morrison album of the same name, a gorgeous piece of [...] by

Fourteen thousand poetry readers can’t be wrong—or can they? March 11, 2007: [Solzhenitsyn] must have vividly remembered how in 1958, a few years before he himself was embraced by the Soviet literary establishment, a crowd of 14,000 was bused by the authorities to Luzhniki [...] by

The Trivia of Book Awards March 4, 2007: Thursday night, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize nominees were announced . . . in New York. The poetry finalists are: • Erin Belieu for Black Box (Copper Canyon Press) • Adrian C. Louis for [...] by